Who Is Tissa Godavitarne Non Guru of Acme People Search

Well ive found out that he is an Affiliate marketer and he makes all his money by giving away free search engines.How could you posibly make money from that.

Well ive been looking and he gets people to sign up to his site Acme People Search Where he charges you $29.95 a month to unlock all the potential of his site. I spoke to one of my friends kevin mitchell the other day and he said “yes thats right and its the best affiliate site going”.He started telling me all about it how he offers you up to 9 different income streams where you can earn affiliate earnings from each.

Yes but is it a reliable site and are you shaking in your boots when its time for him to pay.”Of course he pays.In fact he pays his affiliates twice a month without delay”.Apparently he gives away these free people search engines to anyone that signs and completes only the first 2 steps out of 3.

Kevin went on”Did you know that he actually gives you $125 to get you started and you only need another $75 to get paid”.”Actually you can see my name kevin mitchell on the proof board,Yes he actually paid me and im so happy that i think i. I learnt that he has now over 350,000 members and he has a massive forum where he gets all his members to discuss any problems they have or if anyone has some good information to give to help anyone struggling.

Kevin told me that you can actyually meet him every week at his office in Herndon VA.He calls it his meet and greet.Its a great way of finding out more about him and he loves putting a face to the names he see’s everyday.

If you search for Tissa Godavitarne you will find out that he makes nearly $2 million a year and is nearly always top of theGDIandGVOleaderboards every week.He has paid out over £500,000 to his affiliates.

So from what i know he is a very respected man who has a very succesful business.You can tell just by reading about him thats hes an honest person who at heart is just a family man with a very succesful affiliate bussiness. http://www.make-me-lots-of-money.info/