Women Who Used Johnson & Johnson Talc Products at Risk for Ovarian Cancer One Jury awarded $110 Million to Cancer-Stricken Victim

Johnson & Johnson, maker of the famous “Johnson’s Baby Powder” as well as “Shower to Shower” and other popular product containing talc, has been hit with a slew of lawsuits by women who claim that their ovarian cancer was caused by the use of J&J’s products.  Moreover, Court’s have been agreeing with them.

A Virginia woman who says she developed ovarian cancer after decades of using of its talc-based products for feminine hygiene was awarded $110 million.

Approximately 2,400 lawsuits are pending nationwide against J & J for claims that its products caused harm. The basis of most of the claims is that they accuse J & J of not adequately warning consumers about the cancer risks of its talc-based products. The most famous of which is it is “Johnson’s Baby Powder.”

“The supplier of talc to Johnson and Johnson, Imerys Talc America, Inc., is often included as a co-defendant, ” says Attorney Ed Kramer of the injuredGo.com Law Firm. “The supplier would have liability if its talc was contaminated or otherwise compromised.”  “However,” added Kramer, “Imerys was only found 1% liable in the biggest claim thus far.”

Most recently, after losing a claim against it, Johnson & Johnson released a statement stating that “it sympathized with women impacted by ovarian cancer but planned to appeal.” Further, the statement added, “We are preparing for additional trials this year, and we continue to defend the safety of Johnson’s Baby Powder.”

Verdicts against J & J have been adding up: in 2016 a jury awarded the family of a deceased plaintiff $72 million; and another jury awarded $55 million to a plaintiff against J & J. That October, J & J lost a trial which resulted in a $70 million verdict against it.

However, in March 2017, J & J won a verdict and defeated a claim against a Tennessee woman who claims her cancer was caused by the use of J & J Baby Powder.

In the most recent opening statement, the plaintiff’s stated that they “…will show that J&J and its talc supplier, co-defendant Imerys Talc America Inc. Knew during those decades that the mineral – contained in J&J’s ‘Shower to Shower’ feminine hygiene product had a connection to ovarian cancer, but ignored that information for their profit.”

Thus far, most juries agree. Kramer said that his firm, injuredGo.com Law Firm, offers free consultations to women who think that they may have a potential case involving talc powder.


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