Young Democrats Vote to Endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton

This week we asked our members who they believed was the best candidate to be President of the United States. The answer was clear. Secretary Clinton is the candidate our members believe will be the best person to lead our country and move America forward. It is our honor to formally endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination for President. During our voting process, we asked members to tell us why they voted for the candidate they chose, there were more than enough reasons cited for Hillary Clinton that it could fill an entire book. We’d like to share a few of the main reasons our members decided to go with Secretary Clinton.

“She’s fighting for us!” – Shaun G.

Hillary Clinton is on the front lines of many issues facing Americans today. She has helped give a strong, supportive voice to those who need it. During her career she has pushed for education reform, for decades she’s been a strong supporter of students and teachers, pushing to ensure everyone gets the chance to have a good education, regardless of race, income, or disabilities. Secretary Clinton has also fought for health care reform for decades, she wants to take the accomplishments of President Obama on the Affordable Care Act and work towards improving it, rather than scrapping the whole system in a time where it is extremely unlikely to create a “medicare for all” system and millions of families unable to wait, they need help now.

“She may not have been the first to evolve, but she has become one of the strongest advocates since.” – Alex S.

Secretary Clinton wasn’t the first person to evolve on LGBT Equality, many Democrats didn’t support it just a few years ago. It’s been a long fight for equality that organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, who have also endorsed Hillary Clinton, have been fighting for decades. Since publicly affirming support for LGBT Equality, not just in marriage, but the workplace, housing, schools, and more, coming out of harmful “conversion therapy” — she’s been extremely vocal in her support of the community, more so than any other Presidential candidate on either side.

“She is a champion for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or economics.” – Jamie B.

From voting rights to criminal justice reform, Hillary is campaigning strongly to ensure the well-being of those oppressed in society. Her record of fighting for civil rights goes back to 1972 when she went undercover in the Deep South to expose racist admissions practices in tax-exempt private schools. For her entire career, Hillary Clinton has also been a champion for women. She’s worked to promote women’s healthcare at home and abroad and pushed for equal pay for equal work regardless of gender or race, as well as to increase the minimum wage to a living wage. Secretary Clinton is pushing for immigration reform to improve the system rather than shut it down with a wall, specifically calling out the oppressive rhetoric of the Republicans towards Latinos and those of different faiths. She has introduced policies to help every community, especially those in most need today.

“I’m a progressive who likes to get things done” – Secretary Clinton

That quote summarizes why most of our members support Secretary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. She has the experience and detailed plans to achieve the goals she’s laid out throughout this campaign. She will fight to improve the lives of everyone, like she said she wants to be “the president for the struggling, the striving, and the successful” and we believe she has the skills and experience necessary to be that. We are proud to endorse Hillary Clinton and can’t wait to start getting to help elect her!



Our organization has been around in one form or another since 2005, it was started due to the continued fracturing of the Young Democrat organizations, many of the chapters and organizations representing young democrats split into smaller groups, only focused on their local area or state, very rarely worked together. Our goal was to change that. We set out to unite chapters and organizations, rather than replace the organizations we wanted to push for more unity among them. In 2015 we decided to create one centralized site to be a gathering place for young democrats to be able to discuss and debate politics as well as form a community with those across the country, we merged several of our democratic websites together to give it a quicker starting point. Today we have over 113,000 members, most of which are on college campuses or local chapters across the country. We don’t take over the chapters, instead, we push for greater communication between them and to make it easier to help campaign for democratic candidates nationwide.

Endorsement Vote

In December, we asked our members if they thought we should publicly endorse a candidate based on the voting of our members. Out of those who voted, nearly 97% decided in favor of endorsing a candidate during the primary and gave us their detailed view on who they support so far, why they support them, and what they would like to see answered by the other candidates. This week we opened the vote up to our members, having all those that previously registered sent an email ballot and all newly registered members to vote directly on our site. Since the vote we had a total of 12,746 new members, a sizable portion of which came from a subreddit in support of Senator Sanders, even though they had not been part of the community beforehand, since we are Democrats and believe the process is better served when more people are involved in the political process we allowed them to vote in the endorsement poll.

Since our vote was online based, we wanted to add extra measures to ensure we could prevent voter fraud. We limited each email and IP (except on college campuses) to one vote each. We also ensured the votes were from US-based IP’s and other fraud prevention measures using services like MaxMind. During the vote we only encountered one large case of voter fraud, one individual created over 2,200 accounts using Amazon Web Services and a single domain name. It was very easy to track due to it only using a few IP addresses all leading back to AWS and with the same domain name it was a simple query in the database to remove those votes. The individual proudly announced his intent on Reddit.

Gladly the moderators took care of the individual and called out that sort of activity shortly after. The vast majority of supporters on all sides were passionate but also polite and followed the voting rules. The options during the vote were Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, or No Endorsement, it really came down to Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders. In total, 59,298 votes were cast. The breakdown was:

Hillary Clinton – 30,988 (52.25%)
Bernie Sanders – 28,109 (47.4%)
Other – 201 (0.33%)

It got much closer during the end when the endorsement vote made it to the front page of Reddit for several hours, but in the end, Secretary Clinton finished ahead with the majority of the votes cast so we have officially endorsed her for the Democratic nomination and will be pushing to help inform voters about her and helping get voters out across the country. While we have endorsed her for the primary, regardless of who the Democratic nominee is afterward, we will support the party’s choice once it has been made.

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