Moso Art Advisory is pleased to announce the unveiling of “Symbiosis”, a symphony of dimensional rhythm and transformational relationships with nature, the newest of internationally acclaimed artist Yuroz’s masterpieces.

In becoming fascinated by the stark splendor and metaphorical significance of the forces of trees, each alone and in the forest as a whole, Yuroz began a visual documentary of his personal transformational relationship with nature. In the new “Symbiosis” Collection, the artist demonstrates perspectives with a dimensional rhythm and invites viewers to follow each branch of the trees, read into each layer and each shade. This visual exploration attempts to deliver viewers in accord with nature’s order of peace and harmony.


Renowned art critic, Bruce Helander, describes the magic of Yuroz’s “Symbiosis”:

“Yuroz, who has a sharp perspective on the history of art and a deep appreciation and respect for all the artists who have come and gone even before he was born, has developed an affinity for and continues to be motivated by the inherent allure of the tree. …a powerhouse of complicated ongoing visual experiments that seem to gather all his experiences and tie them up as a multifaceted bundle of shapes and textures, including swaying branches and intriguing backgrounds that have become a recognizable signature of the artist’s repertoire.”

Of Yuroz as an artist, Helander continues:

“Yuroz is comfortable in combining every possible incarnation of color and structure, which leads to a seemingly endless creative atmosphere that can be exceedingly rich with the changing hues of autumn or the striking reflections of a brilliant sunrise…”

Please join us at the opening night on March 17th from 6 to 8 pm on the eve of the public unveiling for a special VIP preview of select works from Yuroz’s “Symbiosis” museum collection. The collection will be featured by the Coral Springs Museum of Art from March 12th to May 28th, 2016.  RSVP is required as seating is limited.  Go to https://mosoart.com/event/yuroz-exhibition-at-coral-springs-museum-of-art-fl/ to reserve your place.

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