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In Honor of Financial Literacy Month


Jessica Wagner, CPA, CMA recently announced the release date of her first book in the “Family Who Reads Together Stays Together” series: Kevin, the Money Master. 

Kevin, the Money Master, makes learning about personal finance fun for kids.


For Immediate Release

2Many adults have big problems with money management.  Most experts agree this is at least partially the result of poor education about money as children.  The good news is Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC has stepped up to educate kids in this area with the April 15, 2018 marketing release date of author and financial expert Jessica Wagner’s new children’s book Kevin, the Money Master: How a Little Boy Learned to Master Money and How You Can Too.  The new book is aimed at six- to ten-year-old children and will help them learn the basics about managing money.

“I worked in finance and accounting for many years, and after starting a family of my own, I realized how important it is to apply financial knowledge at the household level,” Wagner said.  “This book is written to stimulate proactive money discussions within families and to provide parents with a tool to teach personal finance at an early age so that children can grow into financially literate adults.”

Kevin, the Money Master, tells the story of eight-year-old Kevin, who was irresponsible with his money until he learns the simple (but potentially life-changing) lessons revealed in the book.  Delivered in a fun and engaging way, Wagner opens the door to early financial literacy and will help establish a financial dialogue between children and their parents, grandparents, or other loved ones who read the book with them and take the time to answer questions kids may have about the principles within the story.

Kevin, the Money Master, is a timely release.  In an age of ever-increasing financial debt, giving a child a head start in financial literacy can be one of the greatest gifts. Wagner maximizes children’s engagement by delivering financial lessons in a colorfully illustrated book that is fun for kids to read.  Preparing the next generation for a lifetime of financial stability is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously indeed, and Wagner’s book will help families lay a solid financial foundation.

Families who enjoy the book can look forward to future releases that will highlight other members of Kevin’s family, which will include empowering messages to help educate children and give them an energetic head start in the right direction.

Topics: Children’s Fiction, Personal Finance, Money Management, Life Skills, Fun & Educational

ISBN: 978-1947884007/978-1947884014

Formats: Hardcover/Paperback

Trim: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

Additional: Glossy, Full-Color Bleed Illustrations

Pages: 30 (excluding the cover)

To learn more, be sure to visit

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About Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC

Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC is a publishing company with a mission. Our mission is to strengthen families and prepare children for adulthood. Look out for our “Family Who Reads Together Stays Together” series!

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Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC
5940 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 400 #55447
Las Vegas, NV 89118-2507
Business Number: 1 (702) 329-9980
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Peter Antal Releases ‘Never Stop’ Onto World Wide Recordings

Los Angeles DJ and producer, Peter Antal, released his latest track, ‘Never Stop,‘ onto World Wide Recordings more than a week ago and has received 7,000 plays and important support from Best EDM Songs and Starfleet Music Pool.



Peter Antal has been releasing music on Soundcloud for four years with notable tracks such as a cover of ‘This Girl,’ a ‘We Will Rock You‘ remix, and a remake of ‘Super Love.’ As a producer and DJ, he has produced club house music, pop music, and has dabbled in a couple of other genres, such as dubstep. Peter Antal discovered the artist, Zach, on Xfactor Hungary, and since has released six tracks half a year ago with collaboration with the vocalist.

Never Stop‘ is an enjoyable track that is musically designed to play in clubs and festivals. This four minute single from Peter Antal features female vocals and provides pop house vibes. Antal is sure to progress as an artist, find his niche as a producer, and focus his talents on a particular sound.

Stream and Download Below:

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White Sorrow – A true story of marital abuse and survival

White Sorrow is a raw and honest, true story about one woman’s journey from riches to rags through an abusive marriage.

When Andrea met Mark Whilst holidaying in the UK visiting family, she thought she had found a promise of happy forever after.

The fairytale ends immediately after the wedding when the relationship takes a sharp turn into a reality that Andrea could never have expected. The stream of shocking events including emotional, mental and physical abuse will evoke every emotion in the reader.

“My life changed in 2008 when I met someone. I’ll call him Mark. Well, Mark was drinking at a gathering in my uncle’s house party, and the first thing I noticed was that every time he was offered a drink, he said yes. We were invited to uncle’s house because he was attempting to lift me out of my misery.

It was not long before we started talking; Mark seemed all right and like a decent man. He was a kind looking gentleman; that was my first impression of him. We spoke a lot on various subjects, but all these years later, I really can’t recall the exact nature of the matter.” From the book, White Sorrow.

From emotional and mental attacks to unwanted physical advances through to downright cruelty and starvation, White Sorrow tells a story of an abusive marriage’s harshness behind closed doors.

How far does one mother have to go to have a future with her children? What can she do to survive?

“I thought over it, and then I decided. I was 28 and getting older; I hadn’t thought of marriage before, and he seemed nice, so why not? Plus I thought it would give me a life of more freedom, which I longed for. By nature I am a hopeless romantic, so when a situation of love and marriage was intertwined that nature just took over…it took control of me.” Said by Andrea Aviet in White Sorrow.



Whilst Andrea does not take phone calls, as she has to work and look after two children, she does check her emails regularly. If you have a question or an opportunity for Andrea to help you or an organization in any way, then please get in touch!

Andrea Aviet

VICIOU$ Prepares to Drop “Independently Major” | @vicspits

Freestyling at eight, rapping by the next year and recording and playing shows on his own by 14-years-old – it was evident VICIOU$ already had his mind set on the path he wanted to travel with his life. From there it was a music-centric way of living for the Atlanta-born rapper as he continued to find success in the area thanks to the way he eventually figured out a way to bring a touch of romance to his music while still bringing a high-octane amount of energy to everything he did.

While he started at a young age, VICIOU$ has gotten out of the game from time to time. Once when he broke ties with a group, he was a part of, and other when he wanted to focus on other aspects of the music industry. Despite those down times in his music career, he always bounced back to the recording studio and come this August; he’ll drop his eighth studio project Independently Major.  Following the release of Independently Major Vic will turn his attention to putting the finishing touches on his Bout That Life DVD and documentary and mixtape to be published in the fourth quarter of this year.

A real lyricist, Vic’s music stands apart from the crowd and has allowed him to share the stage with the likes of Gucci Mane, Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti, and much, much more. The sky’s the limit for Vic always and forever.


Those interested in hearing more from Vic can check him out online, and see his album, Independently Major, out August  2016.

About VICIOU$:

Vic is an Atlanta-based rapper who has been through the ringer but has only continued to push forward – especially with his July release, Independently Major.

Social Media:
Instagram: @vicspits
Twitter: @vicspits

Viciou$ – Bout That Life

Going by the stage name Viciou$, Atlanta rapper Vic created an enormous amount of buzz on the open mic circuit with his 2008 single “Make It Juicy”. With an energetic stage presence that perfectly complimented the club fast track, his consistent performances, and Mixtape Placements positioned him for the release of his 2009 mixtape “Straight Drop”.

In 2011 Vic stepped away from the stage to focus on writing and producing after having some success in that arena. Vic is now returning to the booth to record his 8th studio Project.


He is extremely excited to embark on this new path with the new sounds that he has created in a lane that no one is currently in.  Vic is also extremely excited about the reviews that his new music has been receiving from fans and music industry peers.  Vic anticipates an LP this summer entitled “Independently Major” around late July or early August.  Vic also anticipates releasing a Documentary and Mixtape in the last quarter of the year.  Check out Vic’s formerly Viciou$’s Straight Drop project at

Follow @vicspits on Twitter!

Also, hear Vic aka Viciou$’s new street singles Bout That Life, Count My Bread, & Park on Jango, Nerve DJ Radio, K-100 Radio, and Satellite Radio

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1FM Prepares To Release Sophomore Studio Endeavor This July

On Tuesday, July 19, Philadelphia-based rock outfit, 1FM, will release their second EP. Entitled ‘ Wish You Well,’ the record is the highly anticipated follow-up to the band’s debut EP, ‘Burning Bridges,’ which released in May of 2015. To celebrate the release, 1FM will also host an event in August in their hometown.

Last spring, ‘Burning Bridges’ exploded onto the independent scene to critical acclaim. Fans lauded the effort as well, and as a result, 1FM landed the number one national spot on the Reverb Nation charts for nearly two months. Originally founded with three members, the band eventually evolved into the five-piece outfit that it is today.

With this evolution, the band has ventured into compelling new territory for their second EP. After the launch of ‘Burning Bridges,’ 1FM toured successfully for some time in promotion of the record. After a series of intense live outings, the band added two more members and took to the studio to write and record new content. The process began in the autumn of 2015 and ‘Wish You Well’ took shape after months of dedicated work.


In March, 1FM connected with longtime friend and producer Bruce Wiegner of Overlook Studios to produce ‘Wish You Well.’ With the larger size of the group, 1FM was able to experiment further into an exciting new sonic territory. Their second EP isn’t just a statement of their continued relevance – it’s a declaration of the band’s ability to grow and evolve as a musical entity.

“During the process we discovered how much we’ve grown as individuals and as a group,” Tim Laigaie, one of the founding members said. “I think that shows in the five songs on this EP… We couldn’t be more excited for the release.”

In its current iteration, Laigaie performs vocals and is accompanied by Nick Passio on vocals and guitar, Joe Altomari on drums, and newcomers D.J. Kirk and Danny Kirk on bass and guitar, respectively. At the heart of 1FM, the primary catalyst for the band’s creativity is a love of music. Their live shows and EP’s are labors of love – a sentiment that often gets lost in the modern music industry.

Last year, ‘Burning Bridges’ offered an eclectic palette of inspired tracks chock-full of influence from the likes of Weezer, 30 Seconds to Mars, the Foo Fighters, and more. 1FM boasts an impressively diverse culmination of power – a trait that serves them well as they work outside of the box on each new track.

This year, ‘Wish You Well’ will take a cue from its predecessor and continue 1FM down their creative path in ways that are sure to please fans and critics alike for the second time.

When the EP drops on July 19, it will be available on iTunes and other digital distribution

For fans local to the Philadelphia area, 1FM will be hosting an outdoor record release show on Saturday, August 27 at Dave and Buster’s Dockside. (325 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd.) To keep up to date with 1FM on their new release, upcoming shows, and more, visit them on their website and relevant social media.


Complete Care Maintenance awarded cleaning contract for the Princeton Junction Fire Department

Complete Care Maintenance is pleased to announce that it has awarded the cleaning contract for the Princeton Junction Fire Department located in Mercer County N.J.

Following a rigorous interview process, Complete Care Maintenance, located in nearby Plainsboro N.J was the successful company that will provide general cleaning services and ongoing floor care for the dedicated men and woman that proudly volunteer their services to the Princeton Junction Fire Department.

“We are extremely pleased to add the Princeton Junction Firehouse to our valued customer base,” commented Wendy Sneddon, regional supervisor of Complete Care Maintenance.  “It is a perfect fit for the facility and institutional cleaning services that we provide. ”We are delighted to work in partnership with such a prestigious outfit and believe that the addition of The Princeton Junction Fire Department to our already impressive list of companies helps solidifies our growing reputation. With our experience in janitorial services, floor cleaning care and office cleaning services, we believe that our growth will continue at a rapid but manageable pace.

About Complete Care Maintenance

Complete Care Maintenance provides a broad range of cleaning and janitorial services including office, building, and facility cleaning services; carpet cleaning; floor cleaning; floor stripping; floor waxing; window cleaning; and much, much more.  According to the company, they place a big emphasis on “green” and sustainable cleaning, doing their best to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Complete Care Maintenance established in 2001 based on the tenet of providing high quality, honest, dependable and sustainable solutions with on-site management, combined with employee safety and training.

About Princeton Junction Fire Department

Princeton Junction Fire Department was formed exclusively to promote fire prevention within the community. To protect lives, reduce property damage from fire, and to provide assistance to persons and goods at other emergencies and disasters occurring within the jurisdictional boundaries of the township of West Windsor in Mercer County, New Jersey. Princeton Junction Fire Company was created in 1926 and continues strong today. Visit to find out more about volunteering or making a donation by credit card or PayPal.

According to Complete Care Maintenance, they are always open to new cleaning clients in the NJ and PA. They are a specialist in providing detailed and profitable cleaning and maintenance plans for the care of offices, buildings and facilities based on client requirements and budget.  The company is happy to offer a free consultation to interested managers and owners.

For further information about services, please send them an email at info@, give them a call @ 609-275-8227 or visit our website and click on the live chat feature if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

1969 Firebird Set to Ignite a Revolution in Support of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Deemed the quintessential “Bernie Sanders’ Crazy Fan” classic car lover Jchon announces a revolution on INDIEGOGO.  He’s currently raising funds to custom paint a 69 Firebird that will travel alongside the presidential candidate on the campaign trail.

Flint, Michigan – June 2, 2016 – Phenomenally linking Flint, Michigan with Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, classic car lover Jchon announces a revolution.  Attempting to save America from a corrupt enterprise, his plan may be just sane enough to work.  Shouting the Sanders battle cry, “America is not for sale!” the classic car will travel alongside the presidential hopeful throughout his campaign under the tagline “1969 Firebird Revolution.”  The car will then be donated to the fine city of Flint, Michigan to help end their water crisis.  But first, Jchon wants INDIEGOGO support to restore the classic car slated to be a new type of presidential memorabilia.

Jchon said of the effort, “Bernie Sanders understands the plight of the poor and middle class.  He might just be our last chance to end the power currently maintained by the elite 1%. This classic car will help to build excitement and help supporters to connect and engage.”

To excite donors, Jchon offers them a chance to win fun prizes and be a part of a historical event.

For more information visit

About 1969 Firebird Revolution:

1969 Firebird Revolution was founded by Jchon to raise awareness for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  To do this, the classic car lover is presently raising funds to custom paint the vehicle and drive it state-to-state following Sanders’ campaign.


Representative, 69 Firebird Revolution


YouTube: 69firebirdRevolution

Twitter: 69FireBirdRevo

Jchon’s real job:


Social Media:

LuxoLite Headlamps Offer Safe Family Playtime Opportunities

New headlamps are just one way that families can reduce the chance of injury or death due to unintentional accidents during playtime

MAY 26, 2016 – LuxoLite headlamps are just one way that families around the nation can decrease the chances of an accidental accident during recess.

Since 1987, the rate of child death due to an unintentional accident has reduced by more than 50 percent. New data from shows that more than 7500 children age 19 and under died from unintentional injuries in 2013, which is a death rate of 9.3 per 100,000 children.

These unintentional injuries include suffocation, drowning, burns, environmental factors, falls, poisoning, and more. Since 1987, many child-safe products have been developed to help reduce these unintentional injuries. LuxoLite headlamps are another tool that can reduce accidental injuries during playtime.

According to LuxoLite, customers note using their headlamps while playing hide and seek with their families. Using the headlamps, customers have been able to have their kids hide in the dark and use light to find them. Then, they can switch roles and play again. The headlamps give families a fun, a new way to play while reducing the odds of an injury. Parents who want to let their children play in the garden after sunset can keep an eye on them just by letting their kids wear a headlamp. Then, parents can watch the light beam to know where their children are. Kids are also safer since they can clearly see ahead of them.

The headlamp can also be used as a bike or tail light, making kids more visible to oncoming traffic. Kids can use the headlamps indoors and outdoors, offering families a unique opportunity to create memories anytime, anywhere.

While child deaths due to the unintentional accident have decreased, the numbers are still startling for many. According to one article by Carol Azizian, parents should be working to prevent these type of accidents.

LuxoLite is proud to offer a simple tool that helps parents do just that. More information can found at

About LuxoLite

LuxoLite is a premier U.S.-based company, owner and single authorized seller of the LuxoLite Headlamps brand.


DeluxeMaid has announced the expansion of their house cleaning services with the opening of their new location in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis, IN – DeluxeMaid House Cleaning, a comprehensive house-cleaning platform designed to make the selection and booking process easier than ever before, this week officially expanded their operation to open up a business center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Previously situated solely in South Bend, Indiana, DeluxeMaid developed into the bustling city of Indianapolis to meet the high consumer demand and to fill a void missing in the Indianapolis cleaning industry.

“We have had incredible success since the inception of our company, and couldn’t be happier with our expansion move,” said Finn Pegler, Founder, and Owner of DeluxeMaid House Cleaning. “Our instant booking and flat rate guarantees are resonating with consumers in and around Indiana better than we could have ever imagined!”

The Indianapolis house cleaning company makes the selection process virtually seamless. All interested bookers have to do is visit the website, select the time, date, and service type required, then sit back and wait for DeluxeMaid to send a vetted, professional cleaner with years of experience in the industry.

Unlike other house cleaning companies, DeluxeMaid has an online instant booking feature with flat rate prices based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a home. Every other competitor requires calls to establish quotes, making the process unnecessarily complicated for the consumer.

“We know our clientele is hardworking, busy families with no time to worry about the cleanliness of their homes,” said Finn. “That’s why we’ve made booking our services as accessible and transparent as possible. After just a few clicks, we’re ready to service any requirement. Spread the word on our expansion, and check out our capabilities online today.”

DeluxeMaid workers have experienced professionals, interviewed in-person, reliable, and always on time to appointments.


1308 Central Ave #105, Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 721-1105

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